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Tricks for Writing the Perfect Sales Letters, Part One

It is a proven fact that great sales letters help to close more sales when starting a business in Idaho. It motivates prospects to buy, and existing customers to buy more and more frequently. This is all music so, the sales professional’s ears. Here are a few great tricks for writing highly effective sales letters that demand the readers’ attention and motivate them to take action.


Develop a central theme that is focused on wants, and, desires, benefits, hopes, and dreams. of the Idaho people. Focus on emotional appeal when targeting consumers and focus on logistical appeal when targeting Idaho business owners and managers. Basically, know the answer to the question that every prospect asks before making a purchase, which is “what is in it for me?” your key message on those points and the big benefit that they get, and not yourself or your Idaho company.

Make It Personal

Address the letter to the person it is intended for and continually refer to them by name and “you” throughout. Single out the reader as an individual, make them feel important, special, and your second-highest priority, next to the main benefit. Of course, the two should go hand in hand; for instance, “Jane, the P-3 widget will increase your productivity on the line by 59 percent! I guarantee it, or I will personally return your money, Jane.”

Grab Their Attention

 Grab your Idaho customers attention right away with a bold headline that:

  • solves a problem
  • creates a fantastic opportunity
  • passes a special limited offer
  • presents controversial or provocative ideas
  • highlights an important and informative statistic about the prospect’s Idaho business, industry, or target market.

Additionally, ramp up the impact of your headline by including the reader’s name into it whenever possible. Likewise, use sub headlines throughout the letter to introduce other interesting information that you know will benefit the reader. Subhead lines keep the “skimmers” in the game and involved in your letter.

Make It Relevant

Keep the content of the letter relevant to the topic or purpose and, more so, the action you want to reader to take. Keep it brief, to the point, and in perfect clarity. If what you have on the page is not 100 percent relevant to:

  • your objective
  • the reader
  • and your main message

Then zap it by punching the delete key. Only relevant information needs to be included; anything else is likely only for the benefit of your ego.

Sell to Them

Always write to sell. Even if the message or theme is not selling, the sub context should be leading the reader on a path, and each contact you make with them, be it a letter, call, or personal appointment, should take you and the reader one step closer to the sale. Merely handing out information is useless unless it helps you reach your ultimate marketing objective, which will always be sales. Think of it as connecting the dots, each line you connect to a dot takes you one step closer to the sale, and great sales letters do that: get you one step closer to making the sale.

Would You Buy?

Ask yourself, “Would I buy?” If yes, list the reasons you would buy. What is the appeal, what is the advantage, and what is the motivation and urgency to buy? And if not, list the reasons why not and what’s missing. Be honest. If you (or someone close to you who you entrust to read the letter) are not excited by what you are offering or how you are offering it, then get back to work until you are satisfied that you would buy.