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Tax Resolution

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We will provide you the very best tax defense before the IRS or State tax authorities, so that you pay the lowest amount allowed by law, on an IRS payment plan schedule you can afford.


We understand that dealing with the IRS/State can be a very challenging and stressful experience. Our goal is not only to achieve a negotiated tax debt settlement at the lowest amount allowed by law, but also to reduce your anxiety and stress by having us deal directly with the federal and state income tax agencies. We protect your rights and prevent agencies from incriminating you through stress techniques.

Un-filed Tax Returns

Bank Levy

Trust Fund Recovery

Audit Representation

Delinquent Taxes

Offer in Compromise

Tax Liens

Penalty Abatement

Payroll Tax Debt Relief

Collection Status

Innocent Spouse Relief

IRS Tax Payment Plans

Installment Agreement

Foreign Accounts

IRS Representation

Order Your Transcript

You must first request an IRS or State Tax transcript to find out what they really know. Beware, that the IRS uses your words to incriminate you and build their case for larger tax debts.

Complete IRS Transcript $500 – this fee is applied to resolution services.

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Resolve Tax Debt

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Trust Fund REC.

The TFRP covers only the “trust fund portion” of the corporation’s employment tax liability. In other words, only that which was withheld from the wages of employees and held “in trust” for payment to the government. This includes the withheld income taxes, FICA and Medicare taxes. Any person involved can be held responsible even non-owner employees.

Bank Levy

Bank levies freeze the money in your personal or business bank account until you fully pay what you owe to the IRS. Our tax professionals have the expertise to help taxpayers get their bank levies lifted, under valid circumstances.

Payroll Debt

Payroll taxes are a type of tax imposed on employers. You can accumulate tax debt if you fail to pay the taxes on time. Even if a taxpayer goes out of business, he or she still needs to pay their outstanding taxes. If you are having trouble paying payroll taxes, we can help resolve the matter.

Tax Liens

Tax liens indicate to the public that the IRS needs to be paid first. Under non-compliance, you will be recorded as a credit risk. If you cannot pay your tax debt in one go, we will work out a plan to help reach a more feasible settlement with the IRS.

Offer Compromise

If valid reasons prove that you can’t fully pay off your federal tax liabilities, an OIC can be used to negotiate a resolution with the IRS. For example, you can place collection efforts on hold.

Make Payments

We understand that some taxpayers cannot pay their taxes in the form of a lump sum. Hence, we can help them negotiate an installment agreement and payments with the IRS. Allowing taxpayers to pay his or her outstanding taxes in equal monthly installments within a certain time frame.

Foreign Accounts

If you own foreign brokerage accounts, trust funds, savings accounts, etc., you are automatically subject to foreign account reporting rules. U.S. persons also include business owners of partnerships and corporations created under United States laws.


We provide our clients with aggessive audit representation services. We can stand in on behalf of a taxpayer during an IRS tax audit process. Our expertise include handling all IRS correspondence and attending meetings.

Innocent Spouse

The IRS has federal jurisdiction and can ignore state proceedings when collecting federal income tax. If a recently divorced spouse feels that they should be relieved of the responsibility for paying IRS debt, we can help make the case to the IRS.

Caution Status 53!

CNC (Currently Not Collectible) Status 53 is a tax ploy to get you to feel safe. However, the IRS is secretly waiting until you have received a better job, business growth, inheritance or the purchase of a home to process liens and levies. CNC’s have a 10 year time clock, so the longer you wait to tackle your IRS issues the longer they have to collect.

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IRS Debt Owed

Common IRS Problems by Percentage

» Penalty Abatement

83% of IRS cases are hit with extremely high penalties, fees and interest that make it almost impossible to pay in full.



» Offer In Compromise

36% of all IRS cases will be forced to resolve debt through an Offer in Compromise for the lowest legal amount.



» Trust Fund Recovery

21% of IRS cases are due to the TFRP, which holds both owners & non-owners alike for the unpaid taxes withheld from employees paychecks.



» Innocent Spouse Relief

14% of divorces are plagued with an innocent spouse being held responsible for IRS debt that they should not be held liable and forced to pay back.



Beware: IRS Files SFR

Yes, the IRS is now filing “Substitute File Returns” for those who do not file a tax return themselves. This means that the government guesses how much you should owe, and then files a tax return for you without your permission. They do not have to provide notice or utilize deductions. Start today by amending the IRS SFR’s before you pay them a dime.

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