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Sales tax is applied to the sale, rental, or lease of tangible personal property and some services. Use tax is the tax on goods that are used or stored in the state. The state law requires retailers doing business to get a seller’s permit to collect sales tax on the sale of goods they ship or deliver to customers. All retailers must file regular Idaho and or Washington sales tax returns to pay the taxes they collect from customers.

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Idaho or Washington Location

Having an office, warehouse, sales or sample room, or storage place.


Use Tax On Goods & Equipment

If you ship or bring anything into Idaho or Washington that sales tax has not been charged and you have no wholesale/resellers license, then you will be charge Use Tax. Use Tax is equivalent to sales tax.


Renting or Leasing

Renting or leasing property (other than real property) to a customer in Idaho or Washington.


Utilizing States For Business

Having a salesman, agent, or representative who comes to Idaho or Washington to sell, deliver, install, or take orders.


Maintaining a stock of goods

This applies to every item you use to produce a product or service, from raw materials to finished goods.

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