QuickBooks Invoice Customization 101

Customize your company’s QuickBooks invoices for a more professional look. Today we will look at QuickBooks invoice customization.


Sending customized invoices to your customers will give your business a more professional appearance. QuickBooks software offers a gallery of invoice templates designed for different types of businesses, from retail and franchises, service industries and nonprofit organizations. Customize any of these templates with QuickBooks’ Create Invoices tool.


Below is 9 simple steps that will take you through the entire process of creating your new professional invoice template and saving it as your default if you choose.


QuickBooks Invoice Customization Steps


Step 1

Launch QuickBooks. Click “Customers” in the main menu bar, and then select “Create Invoices” from the pull-down menu.


Step 2

Click the “Print Preview” button to see how your current invoice template appears when printed or sent as an email attachment. This can help you decide how you want to customize the template. Click the “Close” button to exit the preview screen.


Step 3

Click the “Customize” drop-down menu and select “Manage Templates” from the options.


Step 4

Click on each template thumbnail in the Template Gallery to preview how it will appear as an invoice.


Step 5

Click the “OK” button to select and open your preferred template.


Step 6

Select your customization preferences from the options pane. QuickBooks allows you to customize every part of the invoice, including adding or moving your company logo, changing the position and appearance of the company’s name and contact information, changing the invoice title, and adding, amending or removing fields on the invoice. You can also add special sections, including legal disclaimers, a remittance tear-off sheet or notes to customers.


Step 7

Click the “Print Preview” button to see how the customized invoice appears with your changes.


Step 8

Click “OK” to save the invoice.


Step 9

Simple Way To Set Your New Invoice Template as the Default


Inactive templates are not deleted from QuickBooks, so you can make them active again if needed.


QuickBooks provides a drop-down list of all the saved invoice templates for you to choose from. Though choosing the template takes little time, it is a tedious step when you only use one invoice template. You can skip this step by making all of the other templates inactive, which makes your template the default template.


Step 1: Open QuickBooks, click “Lists” in the menu bar and then select “Templates.” A list of your document templates (such as invoices, sales orders and sales receipts) appears in a window. All of the invoices are grouped together.


Step 2: Right-click the name of any of the invoices, with the exception of the new template, that you want to make the default. A menu appears.


Step 3: Select “Make Template Inactive” to remove it from the active list of invoice templates.


Step 4: Right-click each of the remaining invoices, and select “Make Template Inactive” for each one. Only the new template should remain active.

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