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World's Easiest Payroll

Payroll Taxes
Report Filings
W2’s & 1099’s
Year-End Documents




Payroll Taxes

Report Filings

W2’s & 1099’s


Year-End Documents

3-Step Payroll Process

World’s Easiest Payroll


Step 1: Send Us Payroll Hours

Text, email or fax employee hours.


Step 2: Include Changes or New Employees

Snap a picture of new employee forms with your smart phone & send us their information or any pay/payroll changes.

Step 3: Employees Receive Paychecks

There are 3 simple options.

Print on Pay Stock

We email you PDF’s of paychecks & stubs, then you print paychecks yourself on paycheck paper stock from your own printer.

Handwrite Paychecks

We email you PDF’s of pay stubs, then you print paystubs and handwrite out employees checks yourself.

Direct Deposit

We direct deposit employee pay into their bank account and email You PDF’s of their pay stubs.

What's Included in Our Payroll Service?

Payroll Service

We provide our clients with an all-inclusive payroll service that includes monthly, quarterly and annual filings. There is a lot going on behind the scenes in our office to handle the necessary calculations, filings, reportings, forms and payments, but to the client the payroll process boils down to 3 simple steps. 

Below is a service schedule that details what we are doing throughout the year and the number of times the filings will take place. Our prices include everything you see here and will be adjusted to reflect the ordinary changes in your business’s payroll needs.



Contact Us For a Payroll Quote 208.415.1850



Monthly: Payroll

Frequency Varies 1-4x Per Year

Calculate Pay, Withholdings, State & Federal Taxes & Deductions

Setup New Employees with Federal & State Agencies

Create Print-Ready Paystubs, or Printable Paychecks

Supply I-9’s & W-4’s


Monthly: Federal IRS

12x Per Year

Generate Payroll Federal Tax Reports

File 941 Payments


Monthly: Idaho State

12x Per Year

Generate Payroll State Tax Reports

File Idaho Withholding Form & Payments

Workers Compensation Report, Form, File & Pay



Quarterly: Federal IRS

4x Per Year

Generate Federal Tax Reports

File 941 Form

File FUTA 940 Payments


Quarterly: Idaho State

4x Per Year

Generate State Tax Reports

File Idaho Unemployment Forms, File & Pay



Annual: Federal IRS

1x Per Year – Year End

Generate Federal Payroll, Tax, & Withholding Reports

Provide W-2 Documents

File Year-End FUTA Forms


Annual: Idaho State

1x Per Year – Year End

Generate State Payroll & Withholding Reports

File Final Workers Compensation Forms

File Year-End Idaho State Withholding Return

Working With Us is Easy



Call, text, e-mail, fax, or video chat with us. There is no need to waste time in the office.


Take pictures of your documents using a smart phone and send them to us by text or email.


We perform accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll online for convenience and cost savings.


We have a secure drop-off slot and a pick-up box for anytime use day or night.