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100% All Inclusive Payroll Service

5 Simple Steps

We provide our clients with an all-inclusive payroll service that includes monthly, quarterly and annual filings. There is a lot going on behind the scenes in our office to handle the necessary calculations, filings, reportings, forms and payments, but to the client the payroll process boils down to 5 simple steps.

Step 1

Email employee hours

Step 2

We calculate payroll & taxes

Step 3

We email paystubs with printable check option

Step 4

Receive direct deposit or print checks yourself

Step 5

We file and pay monthly, quarterly & annual taxes

Beware: DIY Payroll is Hard!

You must pay the money you withhold from your employees’ paychecks for taxes to the respective administering agencies. You also must file reports with the agencies to report the withholding. Improper payroll calculations can mean paying the wrong amount to the agencies and your employees’ facing problems when they file their annual tax return. You also have your own share of liabilities that you must pay and report. Failure to properly withhold, deposit and report employment taxes can lead to fees, audits and civil and criminal penalties.

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Fast Payroll Setup

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Before you can hire an employee, the State and IRS requires that payroll and payroll taxes be setup properly. Therefore, we will need to setup your company's payroll by applying for Workers Compensation, Unemployment, State and Federal Withholdings, and EFTPS Electronic Federal Tax Payment System. When we have completed the payroll setup, you will receive the required employee documents that each new employee must be filed with the State and IRS.


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Add On Payroll Services

We Handle 100% Of your payroll Tasks

Year End W-2

Create & Process W-2’s

Submit Final State & IRS Reporting

Payroll Client $25 Each
Non-Payroll Client $85 Each

Workers Comp.

Create & Process Payroll Classes

Complete & File Payroll Reportings

Calculate Insurance Payment

Schedule Workers Comp. Insurance Payment

Monthly $25 Each
Quarterly $75 Each
Final Year-End $95 Each

Payroll Service Schedule

We handle the following services on each payroll period.

  • Calculate Pay
  • Withholdings
  • State & Federal Taxes
  • Deductions
  • Setup New Employees with Federal & State Agencies
  • Create Print-Ready Paystubs, Printable Paychecks or direct deposit
  • Supply I-9’s & W-4’s

We handle the following filings to the IRS every month.

  • Generate Payroll Federal Tax Reports
  • File 941 Payments

We handle the following filings to the state(s) where employees work.

  • Generate Payroll Federal Tax Reports

We handle the following filings to the IRS 4x per year on a quarterly basis.

  • Generate Federal Tax Reports
  • File 941 Form
  • File FUTA 940 Payments

We handle the following filings to the State(s) 4x per year on a quarterly basis.

  • Generate State Tax Reports

We handle the following filings to the IRS and to the employees 1x per year during the year-end.

  • Generate Federal Payroll, Tax, & Withholding Reports
  • File Year-End FUTA Forms

We handle the following filings to the State 1x per year during the year-end.

  • Generate State Payroll & Withholding Reports
  • File Year-End State Withholding Return

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