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Licenses, Permits & Insurance


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Business License

Licenses, Permits and Insurance

All businesses must file their necessary licenses, permits and insurance to comply with state and federal laws.

Sales & Use Tax

Unemployment Insurance

Workers Compensation

Withholding Tax

Amusement Device

Travel & Convention

Wholesale License

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Sales & Use Tax

 Permit $205

Workers Comp.

 Insurance $150

Withholding Tax

 License $150

Amusement Device

 License $250


 Insurance $175

Travel, convention

License $285

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Obtaining a business license, permits and state insurance coverage is now the law for all new and established business owners. A business license serves many purposes including having the ability to purchase wholesale, withhold and pay taxes, hire employees, unemployment and workers compensation to name a few.


Failure to register your Idaho or Washington company with the state could result in fines, notices, and the inability to conduct business.


New business owners should identify all licensing requirements that may apply to their business before beginning to operate. This can sometimes be tricky as there are a growing number of licenses and permits including, zone, occupational, resell, tax, health and much more.

Definition Hub

This permit allows you to charge sales tax, and pay use tax. This is your wholesale number.

Allows you to have an employee and withhold Idaho income taxes from their paychecks including yourself.

Allows you to have employees and pay into the state unemployment insurance fund. If you layoff an employee they can be qualified for unemployment benefits.

This allows you to have an employee that is covered for unexpected on the job injuries.

Allows you to pay taxes and receive authorized decals to place on token operated machines.

Allows you to pay a tax on occupants of hotels, motels, private campgrounds and vacation rental properties. Required for any stay under 30 days.

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