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An S-Corporation is an excellent business entity for those who are expected to profit over $20,000 per year. By being an S-Corporation, you can avoid overpaying self-employment taxes of 15.3% + on all profits after a reasonable wage. In addition, most businesses will be able to take advantage of an additional 20% business income deduction using the new tax reform 199A. Also, your wages would be considered a business deduction along with corresponding employment taxes, this dramatically increases your tax savings benefits.

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While S corporations are corporations for purposes of state law, they are taxed similarly to partnerships for federal and state income tax purposes.

There are several tax advantages of an S-Corporation for high earners who are interested in taking out their profits regularly. Since an S-Corporation is a flow-through for tax purposes, unlike the traditional C-Corporation, shareholders are able to take advantage of the new 20% 199A Deduction.

S-Corp Shareholder Facts

1. You must pay yourself and other working shareholders a “reasonable salary.”
2. You can save up to 20% in taxes.
3. S-Corporation is not its own entity (with natural human rights), it does not pay its own taxes.
4. It is a “pass-through” entity, also known as a disregarded entity.

5. The IRS doesn’t recognize the business as its own entity that pays taxes at the corporate level.
6. Any left-over profits will automatically be passed-through to shareholders by a disbursement K-1.

7. You can be a single-member S Corporation and hold all positions simultaneously.
8. The company is owned by shareholders, who elect directors.
9. The directors set a vision for the corporation and are responsible for the management of the corporation.
10. The officers and managers hired by the directors are responsible for carrying out the vision on a day-to-day basis.
11. You have maximum 100 shares to own or sell.

12. These shares can only be sold to individuals, single member LLC, US. Citizen or Permanent US. Resident.
13. Even though S-Corporations are strict about who owns their shares, it has little rules about what it can own.

14. Meaning that an S-Corporation can own LLC’s, and other C-Corporations.
15. You should create and maintain corporate bylaws.
16. You should have recorded minutes and meetings.

S-Corps Pay 20% Less

Yes, electing your LLC to become an S-Corporation will save you an immediate 20% or more in taxes. Call our office to find out if you are a good candidate for this tax savings strategy.

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