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Over 67% of all newly expanding businesses will promote an under-qualified individual to take on the new more challenging role of a CEO or CFO. Within a short period of time the business will see a catastrophic dip in their performance, systems, profits and financial well being.

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As your business expands it will require you or a manager to perform new and challenging roles. These functions will dramatically affect your businesses performance, growth, expansion and financial stability. Therefore, leaving it in the hands of someone who is under-qualified for the role will prove to be detrimental to the short and long-term success of the business.


What type of qualifications does an excellent CEO or CFO have? This type of position requires in depth knowledge of accounting, risk management, financial planning, tax law state/federal and a variety of other financial skills.


We can execute this role for you until it functions to your specifications and is ready for transition. Typically, our engagement terms range from three to nine months.

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