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Basic Contracts

Bundle Includes:

  • Names Clause: Parties in the Contract
  • Signature Clause: Signing a Contract
  • Standard Clauses
  • Resolving Disputes
  • Attachments
  • Amendments


Hiring staff

Bundle Includes:

  • Employment Application
  • Authorization to Release Information
  • Offer Letter
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Covenant Not to Compete
  • Contract With Independent Contractor


Extending Credit

Bundle Includes:

  • Credit Application: Individual Customer
  • Credit Application: Business Customer
  • Adverse Action Letter
  • First Collection Letter
  • Second Collection Letter
  • Third or Final Collection Letter


Forming A Business

Bundle Includes:

  • Checklist for Starting a Business
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Pre-Incorporation Agreement
  • Corporate Bylaws|Operating Agreement
  • Stock Agreement
  • Stock Certificates
  • LLC Membership Certificate


Borrowing Money

Bundle Includes:

  • Understanding Promissory Notes 101
  • PN: Amortized Monthly or Annual Payments
  • PN: Balloon Payment
  • PN: Interest-Only Payments
  • PN: Lump-Sum Payment
  • Security Agreement for Borrowing Money


Run A Corporation

Bundle Includes:

  • Notice of Shareholder’s Meeting
  • Notice of Director’s Meeting
    Shareholder Proxy
  • Minutes of Shareholder’s Meeting
  • Minutes of Director’s Meeting
  • Minutes of Telephone Conference
  • Consent of Shareholders
  • Consent of Directors


Buy, Sell, Rent & Store

Bundle Includes:

  • Sales Contract: Lump Sum Payment
  • Sales Contract: Installation Payments
  • Bill of Sales for Goods
  • Security Agreement for Buying Goods
  • Contract for Manufacture of Goods
  • Equipment Rental Contract
  • Storage Contract
  • Consignment Contract


Leasing Space

Bundle Includes:

  • Gross Lease
  • Net Lease for Entire Building
  • Net Lease for Part of Building
  • Landlord’s Consent to Sublease
  • Assignment of Lease
  • Notice to Exercise of Lease Option
  • Extension of Lease
  • Amendment of Lease
  • Attachment of Lease


Buy Real Estate

Bundle Includes:

  • Environmental Problems
  • Contract to Purchase Building
  • Option to Purchase Building
  • Contract to Purchase Vacant Land
  • Option to Purchase Vacant Land
  • Attachment to Real Estate
  • Purchase Contract
  • Amendment of Real Estate
  • Purchase Contract
  • Removal of Contingency
  • Extension of Time to Remove Contingency
  • Exercise of Option to Purchase Real Estate


Forms for All Occassions

Business Forms

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Form Bundles

Our documents come in bundles which are fully self-customizable and are delivered to you via email by way of PDF. This allows you to change as little or as much as you desire for your specific needs. In addition, having the whole bundle of corresponding documents ensures that you have everything to legally complete the transaction.

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