Let’s face it, another big factor for many people moving to Idaho is the price of a home. The cost of living in Idaho is lower in most cases than the national average.

The housing market has healed very well in Idaho making it a beneficial market for buyers.

There isn’t a large city culture here in Idaho, but there are city amenities. If you like to be near a nice downtown area with good shopping and great places to eat, then Idaho’s own capital city Boise is where you need to be.

Boise and Coeur d’Alene Idaho are considered the fastest growing cities in America. This means that new businesses are booming and there is a huge demand for new jobs, products, and services.

Boise has a many great things to do including:

  • concerts
  • local coffee makers
  • sports
  • movies
  • shopping
  • comedy clubs
  • concert houses
  • breweries
  • bars

Business, Jobs & Employment:

Idaho is booming and opportunities to make money are everywhere. Whether you are looking for a job or are going to start an Idaho business, there are customers who have money to burn.

Crime Rates

Idaho has little crime rates and out of the crimes they are less severe.


Idaho has great homes for a relatively low price.