Tricks High Earners Use

There is always something more that you could do to improve the overall experience for your Idaho vacation rental business guests. If your primary purpose is to obtain excellent reviews on an international vacation rental site, then you should strive to give your guest something they can’t get anywhere else.

Differentiate Yourself

Try to offer something unique to differentiate yourself from the other competition in Idaho: a meal to a restaurant, a free ride to a touristic sight, a jar of home-made cookies, locally grown coffee, towels folded like animals, etc. We guarantee that your guests will appreciate your effort and honor you with a five-star rating and return visits.

Ask for References

If you are new to vacation rentals in Idaho, you may find it difficult to secure your first guest. People are usually looking for established places that have already been tried by travelers. They want to know what to expect and reduce the risk of a bad experience and wasted money.

Get Friends to Write Reviews

Even if you are new to a vacation rental site, you can always ask your friends and family to write five-star reviews. Have them “rent” your Idaho vacation home and leave you a review. You can offer them exclusive discounts or the lowest possible rate to persuade them to write great reviews about your accommodation and your skills as a host.