Whether you work for yourself as an Idaho business, or as an employee, reducing your tax liability is crucial for your financial success. Massage therapists in Idaho can take advantage of several tax deductions.


Supplies like massage tables, towels, oils, warmers, sheets, blankets, robe, and any other items you have purchased for regular use in your Idaho business can be deducted.

General Business Expenses

Idaho Business expenses such as the rent, utilities, licenses, water service, commissions, computer, appointment setting, and accounting software are eligible.

Travel and Mileage

If you travel to your clients home to provide massage services, you can deduct these expenses. You will likely use the standard per-mile rate, multiplied by the number of miles drove for Idaho business. You can also deduct the costs of lodging, flights, and meals when you’re traveling for Idaho business purposes.

Hired Help

You can deduct the costs of salaries, benefits and incentives as an Idaho business expense.


Massage professionals will usually attend continuing education seminars or additional training courses to increase their massage techniques. These types of educational expenses are deductible.