Tax reform has had a significant impact on the tax deductions you can now claim for your Idaho business entertainment and meals.


The chart below shows you how the Idaho Tax Cuts and Jobs Act treats 12 meal and/or entertainment events.

  Amount Deductible for Tax Year 2018
Description 100% 50% Zero
Meals with clients and prospects   X*  
Entertainment with clients and prospects     X
Employee meals for convenience of employer   X  
Employee meals for required business meeting   X  
Meal served at Chamber of Commerce meeting   X  
Meals while traveling away from home overnight   X  
Year-end party for employees and spouses X    
Golf outing for all employees and spouses X    
Year-end party for customers     X
Meals for general public at marketing presentation X    
Team-building recreational event for all employees X    
Golf, theater, or football game with your best customer     X