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As a tax payer, you are required to file tax returns annually. However, some individuals & businesses do not file their returns because they could not pay the estimated taxes owed to IRS or State among other things. We specialize in helping those who need to file back-taxes do so promptly to avoid large fines, penalties, interest and fees.

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What Really Happens When You Don’t File?

An individual or business who has unfiled tax returns is called a non-filer. The act of not filing one’s tax returns is a crime. You can possibly face imprisonment for a length of time proportional to each year of unfiled tax return.

While the IRS does not put a bulk of taxpayers in jail, they do hit you with huge monetary fines ($25,000+ for individuals and $100,000+ for corporations) per year for failing to file tax returns. Also, the IRS is not required to provide you a legal notice to proceed with an SFR, levy or lien.


Beware: IRS Files SFR

Yes, the IRS is now filing “Substitute File Returns” for those who do not file a tax return themselves. This means that the government guesses how much you should owe, and then files a tax return for you without your permission. They do not have to provide notice or utilize deductions. Start today by amending the IRS SFR’s before you pay them a dime.

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We have created a tax preparation form that maximizes deductions and eliminates commonly missed items. Download this form for your personal or business tax return, print, complete and email it back to us. We do not accept original receipts. This means that all supporting documents must be emailed or texted using your smartphone. Print a copy for each tax year that needs to be amended or back-filed.

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