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There are many reasons why state and IRS agencies audit business owners. The most common audits deal with workers compensation, payroll taxes, misclassifying 1099 workers, and cases opened by the IRS to reevaluate taxable income.


If you have found yourself in an audit, remember that they are not on your side. In fact, the case agent may use tactics that will get you to admit your wrong doings even if you have done nothing wrong. They may encourage you to use language that means different things to the IRS then in the practical application of the word.


Example: you may have a staff of subcontractors and a staff of employees, but when the agent gets you talking you admit to having a large helping staff with the number including the subcontractors. Then they have you on record admitting that your subcontractors are also employees.  


As you can see, everything that you say or submit to their agency will be used against you. They are trained and ready to catch you making mistakes that are punishable. When you receive notification that you are being investigated/audited remain silent and get help immediately.

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Common Audits

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Workers Compensation Audit

Workers’ compensation audi ts are performed to ensure that the premiums employers pay for workers’ compensation insurance accurately reflect their risks. Insurers check to make sure that employers are properly classified and that the payrolls used for rating purposes are accurate. If an employer’s policy contains the wrong classifications or payrolls, the employer may be paying too little, relative to other employers, for workers’ compensation insurance.


The reclassification of a 1099 to an employee spells out big trouble for a business owner. There may be back pay, overtime, penalties, new worker comp fess, and an additional 15.3% employment tax on all back hours during their mis-classified work history.


Beat Your Workers Compensation Audit and Prevent 1099 Reclassification!

Beware: Remain Silent

The IRS may use your words and submitted documentation to incriminate you and build their case for larger Audit liability, penalties, prison, fees and interest. Seek help immediately!

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Payroll Tax Audit

Many business owners and managers are not aware of their personal liability for payroll taxes or how the IRS can build a case for an owner’s or manager’s personal liability.


A business must withhold income taxes from employee pay. The business must account for this tax money and send it promptly to the IRS. Failure to do so not only makes the business responsible for the shortfall, it may also make an owner or manager personally responsible as well.


The IRS views payroll taxes, withheld by a business, as trust fund money. Therefore, business owners and other “responsible persons” have personal liability for these taxes. “Responsible persons,” under the federal tax law, may include owners, company officers, or managers. The IRS can assess a Trust Fund Recovery Assessment (100% penalty – against all responsible person).


Beat Your Payroll Tax Audit and Stop The Trust Fund Penalty!

Caution Status 53!

CNC (Currently Not Collectible) Status 53 is a tax ploy to get you to feel safe. However, the IRS is secretly waiting until you have business growth, inheritance or the purchase of a home to process liens and levies. CNC’s have a 10 year time clock, so the longer you wait to tackle your IRS issues the longer they have to collect.

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