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We Provide

We Provide

Exceptional Advice

Our Office

Our Office

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Making Everything Easy

Modern & Laid Back

Experience The Difference

Our office atmosphere is hip, intelligent, eco-friendly and most of all laid back. Our mission is to lift each person up and set them on the right path regardless of who they are or where they started.


Exceeding Your Expectations!

Our knowledge will aid each business in growing more profitably and drastically reducing taxable income.
We have laboriously gained knowledge through personal experience with our own business ventures, investments and our vast understanding of tax law.

Interesting Facts


  • Started Coeur d’Alene Accounting in 2003.
  • They have two teenage children.
  • Their daughter often answers the phones & helps around the office.
  • The logo was inspired by their son.
  • They both share the same basic business ideas but have an individual approach based on their unique upbringings and personal interest.
  • Both were raised in a family of business owners.
  • Their heart is in Coeur d’Alene.
  • They are experts in stimulating business growth and reducing tax liabilities.
  • Welcome all questions without prejudice.
  • Hands on with all clients.
  • They meet clients as a team.
  • Everyone sits comfortably around a table in the sunny conference room.
  • The office is eco-friendly.
  • Your 4-legged friends are invited to hang out during office visits.
  • Document drop-off and pick-up 24/7.
  • Technology is used simplistically to make services and correspondence effortless.

Meet Your Dream Team

Summer Miller

Summer Miller


I am a proud person who works diligently to help my fellow business community grow and prosper. I always view life as a training ground for lessons to be learned and new knowledge to be uncovered.

After business hours I enjoy tending to my garden, taking long walks, oil painting, having a cup of coffee with a good book, and learning additional knowledge to help more people during working hours.

Jason Miller

Jason Miller


I enjoy the diversity that working with different types of businesses across a variety of industries brings to my life. Meeting client’s problems with practical solutions that will bring them immediate and long-term rewards is what motivates me to work my hardest each day.

After business hours I have a plethora of hobbies that consume my time, but they all have one thing in common, they are fun and adventurous.

Our Staff

Our Staff


The helping staff are qualified accountants & QuickBooks certified.


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