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We are a full-service Powerhouse Accounting & Tax Co-Op that specializes in every aspect of Accounting, QuickBooks, Finance, Audit & Tax Resolution, Risk Management, Tax Preparation, Payroll, Sales & Use Taxes and more. This means that our clients will have an advantage over their competitors when it comes to accurate financial information, knowledge, and ease of compliance.


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We use technology with Military Grade security to catapult our productivity and eliminate wasted time for both our accountants and clients. This allows us to afford staffing a full-time Accounting/Tax Law expert that is made available to our clients by phone anytime at no additional cost. In other accounting firms, this simply wouldn't be feasible due to their poorly planned, aging, and low performing business model.

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Accounting Co-op Since 2003

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Providing military grade information security.

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Accounting Co-op Since 2003

About Our Story

Strengthen Business & Lower Taxes

We founded our Accounting Cooperative in 2003 to solve the many issues plaguing traditional accounting firms today. It all started with a group of accountants who had individual specialties in accounting, tax law, finance, risk management, tax preparation and resolution. For many years each referred their clients to the other when help outside of their specialty was needed. But it wasn’t long before they realized if they all worked together under the same roof, clients would have access to experts without wasting their time and money running around town confused.

By working together as a powerhouse cooperative, we can provide our clients with the knowledge they need in one place to make excellent financial decisions, save in taxes, increase their profits, beat audits and stay in compliance with the many state and IRS laws.

Each member of our staff votes on managers who they feel fully represent their ideas, skills, and beliefs to each client. We hope that you will choose to be a part of our wonderful and highly secure organization in Idaho for many years to come.


NSA Proof Information Security

Military Grade Security

Secure | Hack Proof | encrypted

We offer our clients Military Grade secure end-to-end encrypted email for sensitive emails. In addition, we also provide a secure encrypted and password protected online document sharing service.

Our office is highly secure, a client-free workspace, paperless and we maintain strict protocols in place to protect your data, electronic documents,  and all sensitive information.

Identity Theft Is Real!


Unauthorized Personnel

71% of identity theft occurs when paper documents are stored in office filing cabinets and poorly handled by staff. This typically includes your dentist, attorney, accountant, doctor, tax preparer and other local offices that have your business and personal information in paper form.


Non Secure Database

29% of all cyber-hacks and identity theft is a direct result of a non-secured database. Even though having your information stored in electronic form is safer from unauthorized personnel, it is still a heightened concern and must be taken seriously.


How Is Your Identity Stolen?


Records in the Trash


Unlocked Filing Cabinets


Disgruntled Employee


Non Secure Database

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Current State & IRS Statistics

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  • Inaccurate Financial Records 63% 63%
  • Businesses That Overpay Taxes 78% 78%
  • S-Corporations Not In Compliance 84% 84%
  • Businesses with Increased Audit Risks 91% 91%

S-Corps Pay 20% Less

Yes, electing your LLC to become an S-Corporation will save you an immediate 20% or more in taxes. Call our office to find out if you are a good candidate for this tax savings strategy.

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