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An Idaho Based Cooperative

CDA Accounting

Idaho Certified

We are CDA Accountants who specialize in Business.

Full Service

We handle 100% of your Accounting from start to finish.

Upfront Pricing

We provide upfront and special flat-rate prices.

CDA Accounting

We are Coeur d’Alene Accountants that specialize in Business Formation, Setup, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Personal & Business Tax Preparation. Our clients enjoy top quality services at affordable prices.

Coeur d’Alene Idaho Accountants!






Upfront Prices




Business Experts


100% Compliance


Accounting Done Right

 About Us

Remote Services

Remote Services

Remote Services for All Business Needs.

All services available remote, military-grade security, convenient phone & video chat appointments, and our popular weekly flat-rates for ongoing services. 

We have highly skilled staff that specialized in Business startup, records keeping, compliance, tax preparation, consulting, State & Federal filings, Multi-State, Ecommerce.

Military Grade

Military Grade

Encrypted and Password Protected.

Our top 5 ways we protect your data:

1. Effective endpoint protection that filters dangerous file types.

2. Patch assessment tool to ensure our operating systems are hack proof.

3.  Secure web gateway that can identify and block exploit kits.

4. Segregated networks with next-generation firewalls.

5. Ability to encrypt the data – both in the cloud and also when being transferred.

Accountants CO-OP

Accountants CO-OP

Up-Front Pricing & Low Flat-Rates.

We provide Up-Front pricing when possible, along with a Flat-Rate of $50 per hour for our regular weekly clients.

Working with a CO-OP:

1. 100% owner operated. There are no interns or employeess providing you with inexperienced business advice.

2. We special in Business including tax.

3. We answer our phones and emails with lightning speed.


Easy Appointments

Easy Appointments

We make Consultations convenient.

Enjoy our video & phone conferencing consultations. We are using technology to communicate with our clients which has many benefits including: boosts productivity, saves time, reduces travel, reduces stress, and overall promotes collaboration in real time.

Everything YOu Need

Our Services


Financial Reports, Bookkeeper Review, Accounting Setup, Back-End Management, Audits State | IRS.


Tax Planning, Business Startup, Real Estate, Technical Questions, Deductions, Investments.


Certified Payroll, Multi-State, State & Federal Compliance Issues, Tax Payments & Filings, Employee Hiring Packages.

Business Setup

Federal Tax ID (EIN), Assumed Business Name, EFTPS IRS Tax System, Operating Agreement, Corporate Bylaws.


Onsite Cash Management, CFO | CEO Services, Accounting Department Setup, Virtual Accounting Department.


Posting Transactions, Categorizing, Bank Reconciliations, B&O | Sales Tax, Bill Pay.


QuickBooks Setup, Corrections | Fixing, Desktop Conversion, Back-End Management, Courses & Training.

Business Licenses

Master Idaho | WA Business License, Sales Tax License, Wholesale License, Reseller License, Lodging License.

Tax Returns

Business Tax Return, Personal Returns, Independent Contractors, Small Business, Online Business.

File A Business

LLC | PLLC | Partnership, S-Corporation, S-Corporation, S-Corp Election, Non-Profits.

Flat Rates

use us for regular bookkeeping, acccounting, and payroll to receive our FLAT RATE of only $50 per hour.

$50 Per Hour

Receive a Flat-Rate of $50 per hour for all Accounting, & Bookkeeping services.


Add any extra services throughout the week and we will complete the tasks by Friday.


We bill on Friday for all services performed for that same week.

Get Help Today

Our solutions for your business!

<strong>01</strong>Talk To An Accountant Now

Give us a call or send an email and we will help you immedately. Never wait again!

<strong>02</strong>Same Day Phone Consultations

We offer new and existing clients with same day Phone Consultations (30 min or 1 hour).

<strong>03</strong>Best Customer Service

We pride ourselves in offering each client with the best customer service. Each Accountant is an owner/member and there are absolutely no interns or employees at our firm. 

Add On

Important business add ons that can save you money & protect your personal assets

S-Corp Election

Add on:

You can save 20% on your taxes by opting to Federally Elect your LLC to be taxed as an S-Corporation.

Operating Agreement

Add On:

The Operating Agreement is the legal document that seperates you from your business’s legal & tax liabilities.

Corporate Bylaws

Add On:

The the Corporate Bylaws are the legal document that seperates you from your business’s legal & tax liabilities.

Bank Ready Packages

Form a Business

Bookkeeping Services

Relax after a hard day of work and let us handle the complication of your Bookkeeping & Accounting tasks. 

We offer Full-Service Bookkeeping & Accounting for a low Flat-Rate. We handle your posting, categorizing your transactions, bank reconcilations, monthly State & Federal tax filings, Quarterly tax filings, monthly & quarterly reports, sales tax, multi-state tax changes, financial statements and much more.

Tax Preparation

We will save you thousands by lowering your Personal & Business tax liability.

Grow, Profit & Save

“Our clients experience lower tax liabilities & receive superior tax advice”

We specialize in Tax Preparation for individuals with simple to complex financial matters, multi-state tax situations, retirement, dividends & trust.

Personal Tax Return

Starting at $250

We specialize in Business Tax Preparation including, Non-Profit, LLC, PLLC, GP, S-Corporation and C-Corporation, multi-state, and those exclusively online.

Business Tax Return

Starting at $450

We specialize in helping our clients save thousands of dollars by filing all 1099 income correctly and using business deductions to offset tax liability.

1099 Income

Starting at $250

Jason Miller

Jason Miller

Senior Accountant

Jason is a senior accountant who oversees the back-office and ensures GAAP compliance.

Summer D.M.

Summer D.M.

Office Manager

Summer is the firms liaison between clients and accountants. She is a true believer in excellent customer service. 

About us

Our Awesome Executive Team

CDA Accounting is an Idaho Based Accountants Cooperative serving the Coeur d’Alene and surrounding areas. CDA is very important to each member of our firm and we are all proud to be a part of this wonderful community.


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610 W. Hubbard St. CDA


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9:00-5:00 Mon-Fri